Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Weird Sisters

By: Eleanor Brown
Rating: 4 stars

Who Should Read this Book: Anyone who has found they feeling slightly loss in this crazy world will appreciate what the main characters are going through in this book. It’s a heartfelt story and can provide good insight into life’s lessons.

Rose, Bean, and Cordy Andreas are three sisters who “love each other, but just don’t like each other very much.” They are vastly different, while incredibly similar. All three venture back to the house they grew up in Barnwell when they become unlucky in life. While living at home again with their Shakespearean talking father and kind, loving mother who is battling breast cancer, the three Andreas sisters must learn to like each other while also learning to love themselves. 

This was a heartwarming book, and I definitely saw myself relating to each sister’s insecurity in one way or another. All three of the girls are struggling with accepting themselves and each one has a secret that is hard for them to come clean to. Rose is struggling with her fianc√© and the fact that they may want different things, Bean is coming back from New York with mounds of debt and a low self-esteem, and Cordy struggles with being pregnant and how her drifting from place to place isn’t getting her anywhere anymore. 

There were times when I wanted the storyline to move a bit faster, but the drama that took place among the characters was catching and I found myself wanting to read faster to find out what was going to happen. I didn’t have any sisters growing up, but I can just imagine the ups and downs, the jealousy, and the connections that this family had. I related to the fact that the Andreas family escaped into reading whenever life became too hard and thought it was hilarious how the father always spoke through quoting a Shakespearean play when trying to give his daughters advice. The family dynamic is very rich and brilliant. I ended up borrowing the book from the library, but I wish I had bought it because I think that it would be a good book to have for friends that might need a good feeling read that they can relate to when life gets rough.

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